How to Find The Best Dropshipping Products

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Drop shipping will never be a magically fast way for success.

Drop shipping will never be a magically fast way for success. But if you have chosen the best dropshipping products reasonably,or you’ve got the right dropshipping ideas,it’s just an extremely easy and cheap method to get orders.

The Advantage of Dropshipping

Before we go deep into our subjects, let’s make sure what is the advantage of dropshipping.

Many of our friends are running an amazon or ebay shop, or sell something on their own blogs,facebook,instagram and pinterest. In the traditional way, they need to buy amounts of goods, rent out storage space and then deal with the orders.

If there is something wrong with the orders,they have to provide extra customer service.

As you know,this really needs money and time. Not too many new starters would take the risks.

But if you are running dropshipping business, never will you consider these matters. You needn’t worry about the inventory, storage space, or customer service.What you need to do is just taking your time and energy on how to get more orders.

We have made an infographic of what is dropshipping below, it’s very simple to explain.

So now you know how dropshipping works,and if you are planning to start your own dropshipping business,we will bring you to know how to choose the best dropshipping products in summer 2018.

Criteria of Best Dropshipping Products

Point 1, Get the products from hot sale ones.

Yes, Hot Sale!

A lot of people think that, if I have a product which is hard to find elsewhere, to be new and unique, it must be easy to sell.

Generally speaking, a new, unique or hard to find product,usually means it’s only working for a short time. Maybe not many people want to use it.

And the most important is, the product is not proven to be successful by the market. You have to spend huge mass of time and energy to test it!

Will you do that for an uncertain result?

Don’t waste your time!

So if you pick up a hot sale product, it means the product is going well.Chinabrands and AliExpress freely publish order volumes, just get the most popular one of your category.

If the product is hot and popular, take a unique angle to sell it. This need a lot of tests,until you have got a good result.

Point 2, Highly Solid Reviews.

It's really important.

If you got a product that have great reviews, it means that a lot of people like this brand, and you can 10X mark it with little effort.Customers will be happy to get this brand of products.

You needn’t worry about the price, the name and description can be totally different.

Point 3, Quality design of product picture and description.

You know what a good design means for online business. People are more likely to buy if the product has a clear description and well designed pictures.

You'd better take some time to find a good supplier.Trusted suppliers can keep quality, package, shipping and customer service well ,and provide you a high efficiency result.

You can get it by the come-in time, ratings and transaction quantities on AliExpress and Chinabrands.

Point 4, Shipping Fast

How do you think if you wait for more than 30 days of online shopping? That's not good feeling. Someone may even cancel the order. As you know , many of shoppings are impulse buying.People like it now, and maybe not several days later.

Chinabrands is very good at their Global Warehouse Logistics.Chinabrands cooperate with DHL and EMS, and they have warehouse during more than 200 countries in the world . 95% products will be shipped in 24 hours, and this makes online delivery very fast.

I started my dropshipping business with Chinabrands, really a good partner.

Point 5, Have Your Own Idea and Angle to Sell

Now maybe you have the best product, but how to sell it well , can you make it profitable ,even 10X, 20X cost to sell?

According to the niche of product, you can tell your story.

Everyone love to listen a story, and a good story can drive you a lot of traffic.

No matter paid or organic traffic, you need to make a good marketing plan.

For example, if there is a dog sitting by the window of the car, with very poor eyes watching the driver.Do you have any ideas to get traffic?Just open your mind...

OK, look at my words.

best dropship product_meitu_9.jpg

This is my facebook fanpage, with only 1000 likes before.

This is a 30s video, as I said in the last paragraph, a dog sitting by the window of the car, with very poor eyes watching the driver.

My story is: An abandoned puppy, I wanna take him home, but my girlfriend does not like it. What should I do?

Then I shared it to about 5 facebook groups about pet, you can see the result in the picture.

1,653,569 views, 9715 shares, and uncountable replies!

Amazing, yes?

So this video drove a lot of traffic and I sold 137 dog collar leashes and got more than 3,000 audiences that time.

That leash has very good quality, and my retail price is $29.

I bought the product from Chinabrands, you can check the wholesale price, only $2.99.

You can register Chinabrands member for free and the VIP charges for $3.99/month.

So a good story can bring you tons of traffic ,and traffic means money. Only if you get the point of your niche , you win.

Some friends asked me whether the story is real. Well, in fact, I have no car ,no girl and no dog.. It’s just a story to get sale point of the one who love dogs.

Of course, if you have a real story , you are more likely to succeed.


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